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Quit Smoking Now

  • 22% of American Indians smoke cigarettes. This is the highest smoking rate of any racial or ethnic group
  • 55.6% of American Indians report that they want to quit smoking. This is lower than all other ethnic groups
  • 1 in 4 American Indian adults smoke cigarettes. At 26%, that’s 1.5 times greater than the U.S. smoking rate
  • Out of the 10 leading causes of death among American Indians, 6 of them have been linked to smoking
  • American Indians are at increased risk of cancer from commercial tobacco because of the high smoking rates

Quit Vaping Now

  • 40.4% of American Indian high schoolers are e-cigarette users, more than any other racial or ethnic group compared to 27% overall
  • 68% of e-cigarette users in high school use flavors. The chemicals in vaping flavors cause widespread damage to lung tissue

Let’s Quit Together

  • 26% of American Indian women smoke during pregnancy, compared to 14% of Whites, 9% of African Americans, 3% of Hispanics, and 2% of Asians/Pacific Islanders
  • 1 in 5 babies born to mothers who smoke during pregnancy have a low birth weight. Babies born too small of too early are not as healthy
  • Children whose parents smoke are three times more likely to smoke than children living in non-smoking households
  • 16% of American Indian high schoolers smoke cigarettes, more then any other racial or ethnic group, compared to 5.8% overall
  • 40% of American Indian high schoolers are e-cigarette users, more than any other racial or ethnic group, compared to 27% overall
  • 480,000 people die from tobacco use every year in the U.S., making it the leading cause of preventable death

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