COVID-19 Prevention: 12 Tribes Omak Casino Hotel


12 Tribes Resort Casino
Casino Hours
Sunday-Thursday, 8AM-4AM
Friday & Saturday 24 hours
Upon Entry

  • Patrons understand they will be checked for an elevated temperature. Patrons with a temperature of 100.5 degrees F or higher, or showing any other symptoms of COVID-19, will be asked to visit another time
  • Masks are required for Patrons
  • Patrons acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume the risk of exposure to, or infection by COVID-19
  • Must be or become a Player’s Advantage Club Member
  • Must use Player’s Advantage Club card while playing

Cleaning Precautions

  • 12 Tribes Colville Casinos staffs a 24-hour Facility Department
  • Hand-sanitation stations are available for Team Member and Patron use throughout the facility
  • High traffic areas will be cleaned regularly
  • Deep Cleaning is being completed during closed hours

Temporary Touchpoint Changes

  • Valet and Shuttle Service is Temporarily Closed
  • Large Gatherings are postponed/cancelled including entertainment, events, meetings, and concerts

Social Distancing

  • Two placards per Patron will be provided at the door to ensure safe social distancing practices and ensure a variety of slot machine options
  • Plexiglas had been installed at key, high traffic locations
  • We ask that Patrons not gather in a group and social distance as much as possible
  • Team Members are required to wear face coverings in all public areas

Players Advantage Club

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Sign up at the Players Advantage Club located at any 12 Tribes Colville Casino.