Monday, January 25


2:00 PM - 8:30 PM

12 Tribes Resort Casino Mill Bay Casino

Ticket Drawing- Win up to $1,500 cash!

Unleash the chance to win more than before!


  • DATE | Last Monday of each month at Mill Bay Casino & 12 Tribes Resort Casino
  • Members will receive the quantity of entry tickets for the number of jackpots won that day
  • Example: the member will receive two tickets for their second jackpot win that day
  • Entry tickets will be placed into the barrel at the site the jackpot was won
  • Must be a Player’s Advantage Club (PAC) member
  • Management reserves the right to cancel the marketing activity at any time and to exclude any individual from the marketing activity
  • Any dispute not covered by rules set below or interpretation of rules needed will be resolved by Casino Management
  • See the PAC for complete rules


  • Prize payouts will be as follows:
    • 5:00PM | $500 CASH
    • 5:30PM | $500 CASH
    • 6:00PM | $750 CASH
    • 6:30PM | $750 CASH
    • 7:00PM | $1,000 CASH
    • 7:30PM | $1,000 CASH
    • 8:00PM | $1,250 CASH
    • 8:30PM | $1,500 CASH
  • Entry tickets will not be placed back into the barrel after being drawn


  • TIMES | 2PM - 5PM
  • Jackpot winners are eligible to receive one (1) $25 Meal Discount at the PAC during the above specified time
  • Members will not receive multiple Meal Discounts for winning more than one jackpot
  • Meal Discount is only valid on the day of the Jackpot Party at any Colville Casino Food & Beverage outlet
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