12 Tribes Colville Casinos Employment

Spa Manager

12 Tribes Resort Casino

Salary Grade: $42,517 - $59,524 DOE
Reports To: Hotel Manager
FSLA Classification: Exempt
Closing Date: Next review on 3-22-19


Job purpose of SPA manager is to oversees the management direction and development of the retail, massage, esthetics, nail services and reception staff; to develops, monitors, and reviews all staffing, scheduling, facility operations, supply procurement, revenue management, safety training, standard operating procedures, payroll management and guest service satisfaction.

Essential Functions:

• Hold regular staff meetings to keep staff up to date on all aspects of the Spa's operation.
• Ensure equipment is maintained in good working order.
• Maintain professional relationships with suppliers and providers.
• Ensure stock and cash items are kept safely under lock and key.
• Minimize or eliminate losses through negligence with monitoring programs.
• Implement a clearly established opening and closing procedure.
• Manage inventory effectively; follow purchasing standards; ensure compliance
• Maintain an up to date version of the Spa Procedure Manual and ensure compliance.
• Develop and maintain Spa literature, documentation and process handling requirements.
• Attend Management meetings and convey all relevant information throughout the Spa.
• Control ongoing service and product margin analysis to ensure profitability.
• Implement opportunities for managing operational costs and boosting the bottom line.
• Develop procedures for accurate inventory control and monitoring.
• Implement full Spa product and service purchasing standards and ensure compliance.
• Administer staff and client scheduling for maximum revenue generation and profitability.
• Interpret Financial Reports and provide expertise on (projected) Revenue vs. Expenses.
• Project and maintain acceptable payroll commitments.
• Use financial plans for spotting trends, measuring productivity and monitoring progress.
• Guide business decisions by staying on top of Spa industry trends.
• Maintain a strong menu of services with both exceptional artistic and aesthetic value.
• Consistently develop and grow retail sales through training, tools and monitoring.
• Ensure the Spa is always staged for maximum buyer impact.
• Develop Spa's Marketing Strategy and ensure a consistent image is being portrayed.
• Develop and maintain gracious and efficient front desk procedures.
• Maintain and update all necessary internal and external signage.
• Create ongoing in-house promotions and activities to stimulate sales, staff and customers.
Customer Service
• Exhibit a professional attitude, diplomacy and an ability to handle difficult situations.
• Uphold gracious front desk procedures in the booking and handling of customers.
• Maintain fresh, effective programs to consistently retain and grow customer base.
• Develop and maintain compensation guidelines for customer complaint handling.
• Anticipate, identify and ensure customer needs are being met in the best possible way.
• Monitor customer satisfaction with surveys, focus groups and comment cards.
• Develop and deliver credible, competitive, value-plus service to the customer.
• Guide staff to become caring problem solvers, cooperative, accommodating and fair.
Human Resources
• Effectively administer and monitor staff scheduling procedures.
• Demonstrate an exceptional level of professionalism for the staff to emulate.
• Create a motivating environment of sincerity, warmth and fun for staff and guests.
• Implement ongoing skills training to ensure service standards are being upheld.
• Create and maintain staff contracts, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
• Perform staff evaluation reports with proposed action plans.

Knowledge and Abilities:

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Excellent time management, organizational and follow-up skills.
• Ability to utilize new techniques and ideas.
• Computer literacy.
• 3 years of managerial experience with proven leadership ability in a spa, retail or professional setting.
• Licensed or Certified Massage Therapist or Aesthetician.
• Must be enthusiastic, personable, and ambitious. Able to hire, direct and train staff.
• Management/Leadership experience
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Excellent time management, organizational and follow-up skills
• Must be enthusiastic, personable, and ambitious
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Excellent time management, organizational and follow-up skills
• Ability to utilize new techniques and ideas
• Is detailed and able to multi-task effectively in order to accomplish various tasks throughout the day while keeping the guest experience in mind at all times.
• Demonstrates genuine passion for creating memorable experiences for others and truly connecting with guests and fellow team members
• Enjoys discovering opportunities to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to make someone's day.
• This position is subject to pre-employment drug testing and criminal history background check which may include fingerprinting.
• Must receive and maintain a valid gaming license from the Tribal Gaming Commission.
• Tribal preference will be observed in the hiring process.

These requirements need to be met to represent knowledge, skill and/or ability to perform job functions. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.

Drug test required in accordance with CTFC policy. CTFC is an Indian preference employer.