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How to Request a Donation

Colville Tribal Federal Corporation (CTFC) is proud to be a supporter for many organizations & charities within the area through monetary donations for Tribal Community Functions, Local Community Functions, and School-Related Activities.

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Submission Process:

If you would like to request a donation from CTFC, the Donation Committee will consider donating in the following areas:

  • Tribal Community Function: This is a Colville Tribes’ related event or activity that will benefit Colville Tribal members in one or more of the four Reservation District communities. A maximum of $1000 for a Tribal Community event shall be considered.
  • Local Community Function: This is a local related event or activity that will benefit local community members and/or Colville Tribal members in one or more of the communities in which CTFC enterprises exist. A maximum of $500 for a Local Community event shall be considered.
  • School-Related Activity: This is an activity that is officially endorsed by a K-12 school where additional funding is required to implement the activity. In order to quality for funding, the application must include a signed document from the school district or school’s authorized representative (ie: school board/superintendent/principal) verifying that the activity is endorsed by the school with an estimate on how many Colville Tribal member youth (18 year of age or young who are still in school) will participate in the activity. A maximum of $500 for a School-Related event shall be considered.

General Guidelines:

  • Fully-completed donation applications must be submitted no less than ninety days (90) prior to the event or funding will not be processed.
  • Only one donation request will be awarded in any fiscal year to any group. Each donation request must be matched at 50% of the requested amount by the applicant. Written evidence (receipts, bank statements, invoice, etc.) that the applicant has the matching funds available must accompany the application.
  • Groups must be a US based 501c3 qualified charitable organization within the boundaries of Washington State. Federal 501c3 tax exemption status must be provided for consideration. The Committee cannot accept applications without the appropriate IRS tax information.
  • Prior to receiving any funding, applicant MUST fully complete the application and provide validating documentation.
  • Failure to fully complete and submit application with validating documentation shall result in an automatic denial.

Ineligible Activities and/or Applications:

  • Any and all work-related activities of any Colville Tribal Government Program listed on the Colville Tribe’s official organization chart; any and all work-related activities of any office or division of the Colville Tribal Federal Corporation.
  • Funding of any profit-making activity.
  • Application requests for higher education scholarship money to pay tuition, books, etc. will not be funded.
  • Application requests for memorials, grave cleaning, religious activities, graduations, political activities, etc. are deemed personal/family responsibilities and will not be funded.
  • Application requests for an individual person or family.
  • Application requests for a political candidate or organization.
  • Funding for travel expenses.
  • Funding for legal fees.

The Donations Committee (“Committee”) is the sole entity that may approve and issue donations on behalf of CTFC. The Board of Directors or CTFC Executives will not authorize donations, but will refer all requests to the Committee. All applications must comply with the timing requirements of this policy. All donations are subject to availability of funds. Once funds have been expended all further requests during the yearly funding period will be denied.